Customised shade effect
Customised shade effect and Hair Cut
Color Correction
Too many colors kill the color effect. Here is how to come back to a nice Shades Effect...
Haute Couture for Your Hair
The genius of Yannig Sauvage is in his mastery of color and shade, his mastery of his shears, and how easily he utilizes all of these to bring out the best hair for you.
Franck Provost Alabang Team
Meet our French and Filipino stylists.

Get to know Yannig Sauvage

Men like Yannig Sauvage blur the lines between master and artisan. It’s professionals like him that make their work an artform. And it’s rare that men like him make an entrance in history; we’re very lucky that he is a part of ours. Clearly, his avant-garde methods, fashion sense, and unparalleled passion for beauty are what set him apart from the rest.

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